Protect Your PC with New System Tools Included in System Mechanic

Every year, more and more computer users get wrapped up in identity theft or some kind of accidentally downloaded piece of malware that is sure to leave their systems sluggish and vulnerable. Now there is a clean, easy-to-use platform that will help protect and optimize any PC. The System Mechanic software available now from Iolo is an incredible asset for any PC user.

The primary objective of this efficient software is to delete junk files that bog down system resources. This allows your PC to increase its speed and computing power. It removes old, corrupt, and duplicate files from the areas of your machine that are prone to temporary files you do not need anymore.

System Mechanic is an excellent resource for protecting your PC from unwanted virus and malware attacks. It uses a Security Optimizer to locate and close any security flaws and errors in your Windows system and registry files before they can be corrupted by external programs. This allows another layer of protection most users will appreciate, especially those that have had to do a whole system restore before.

The software also has a System Guard that stops any malicious programs from ever loading. It blocks changes to internet pages and protects your system from hidden files. You can automatically turn on this feature, so it runs in the background as you browse websites and check your email.

If you are concerned about privacy, you should check out the robust shield System Mechanic uses to protect your personal information. The enhanced Privacy Shield blocks Microsoft’s aggressive attempts to collect your data and gives you the option of opting out of any data compromising situations on websites that are seeking credit card, password, and private location information.

System Mechanic will boost the speed of your most commonly used programs by keeping your system clean and tuned. It uses disk defragmentation and a program accelerator that realigns the programs on your hard drive to speed up the system response and maximize free memory. This is an excellent feature for streamers and gamers alike who use a ton of system resources daily.

System Mechanic created an ActiveCare tool that is a user interface explaining where the possible problems on your system may exist and suggestions for what you should do to fix them for those users that are not as tech-savvy. There are many automatic features that can be turned on to actively monitor the health and stability of the system.

IF you are interested in trying out the trial version of System Mechanic, visit You’ll get a free 30 day run of the platform with all the features turned on so you can decide what configuration works best for you.

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