“Pogo Joe: Fighting the Game” to Be Developed Into Feature Length Version by Thunderball Films

Thunderball Films is pleased to announce that their short film “Pogo Joe: Fighting the Game” which was shot in 2012 is now being developed for a feature length version. It is not often that a game like basketball witness legends. Joe Caldwell most popular as Pogo Joe back in the 1960s is one such legend but whose career unfortunately was shortened. Joe Caldwell was an All-American who held the most ASU wins record 26-3. Joe was invited to play on the 1964 Olympic team which won a Gold Medal; this was one of the most treasured accomplishments in Joe’s career.

Pogo Joe was an NBA/ABA all-star several times and signed the most expensive pension clause in the history of basketball. Unfortunately this was what caused the downfall of Pogo Joe’s career. Forty Four years and Pogo Joe is still fighting for justice and battling legally with NBA, ABA, IRS, bankruptcy courts, etc. While some battles were won, there were others which took a toll on both his professional and personal life. Joe Caldwell’s autobiography “Banned from Basketball: The Strange Trip of Pogo Joe” is very enlightening. Thunderball Films is all set to bring the story in detail and the many developments that happened since the short film in 2012.

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