Nova Botanix, UK’s Leading Suppliers of Herbal Supplies and Supplements

LONDON, UK – 5th November 2020 – Nova Botanix is the voice of the herbal industry and are tagged “The Herbal Supply Experts”. They take great care and caution to personally curate their product categories. Their supplements are not just good for their customers but they have an overall impact on their families as well. With an aim to offer authentic, safe and natural herbal supplies and supplements, Nova Botanix contributes to healthy bodies and happy people. They are now showcasing the purest of supplies made from pure and premium ingredients right from the nature’s basket. 


From traditional herbal remedies to minerals, vitamins to daily supplements, the products are backed by innovative scientific techniques to improve the quality of life of the consumers and their loved ones. Nova Botanix is held to its highest standards. Some of their best sellers include Badger Balm for dry cracked hands offered at a discounted price of $19.99; Trauma oil at $9.99; Mullein Garlic Oil at $9.99; Calendula oil at $13.50; Anxiety Soother Capsules at $28.00; Herbal Detox at $15.00; and many more. 


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Nova Botanix Ltd is the voice of the herbal industry. Currently operating in USA & Europe, this company hosts the highest quality herbal supplies, supplements and products from leading manufacturers from across the world. 



Nova Botanix Ltd.

Address: London, United Kingdom

Phone: +44-1280-830045

Email: [email protected] 


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