My Visit to the Moroccan Desert By Marrakech City

When I recall my visit to Morocco, it’s immediately the beautiful Moroccan landscapes which return to mind along with the fabulous architecture of the buildings. I understood there is now over a year per circuit of a week in southern Morocco, followed by a fantastic group of ten people, which I keep exceptional memories. Back on my excursion to Morocco… this link

We landed in Marrakech and we united our hotel in the early evening. I had a poor night because the room was not isolated and our neighbors had a party before the end of the night… In brief, it was Marrakech!

The morning after, we took the bus into the city of Ouarzazate. The road that crosses the series of the High Atlas from the Tizin-Tichka pass is long and winding but the landscapes are very beautiful.

We moved into the ksar of Ait Ben Haddou. It is a UNESCO-listed augmented village, which has been utilized as a set for several well-known movies such as Lawrence Darabie, the Mummy and Prince of Persia. This is only one of those places that struck me the most throughout my stay in Morocco.

The following daywe sank in the desert part of Morocco. The landscapes are arid and really surprising. We occasionally meet drifting dromedaries in a big desert area, some sellers around the sly which come from nowhere and we discover the customs of Moroccans. I was surprised to observe that water was being collected from a good, that girls were washing clothes in the woods and many villagers seemed to spend the afternoon sitting in front of their homes doing nothing. And the preservation of beef, do not talk about it! visit site

In the environment, an individual can discover exquisite palm groves. It is also the starting point for those dunes of Merzouga, my beautiful memory of Morocco. We went so that the temperatures were relatively pleasant. The sunset was amazing, the images of the sunset at the dunes of Merzouga are visible here.

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