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Satta Matkahas its position in the hearts of Indians.

If someone is aware of this beautiful game, it is well and good for them. But someone who has no idea Satta Matka 143, does not have idea what is he missing.


Before trying Satta Matka, it is important that you get yourself familiarized with Satta Matka 143 and Satta Matka Results. It is equally fun and equally profiting.


Origin ofSatta Matka

The term Matka is a Hindi word which means – Matka, In English it is called Pot. Which means earthen pot. This creates a lot of excitement in the minds of people. They want to know why a type of game has the word Matka or pot in it. It is self-comprehended that there must be a story behind it.


Sometime after 1961, a guy in India give birth to this popular game, which we call Satta Matka.

We would like to emphasis on the fact that he merely named this game. He suggested declaring the imaginary product’s opening and closing rates.


This was done by writing the numbers on little pieces of paper. These little chits would be later put in a pot and mixed thoroughly. It is after that; a person would take a card of paper out of the pot and tell the numbers that were winning. This was called “declaring the winning numbers.”


The repeated mention of the word “pot” must give you a good idea of why Satta Matka 143 is called what it is called today. Exciting, isn’t it?


How isSatta Matka played?

As complicated, it might look; Satta Matka is quite simple to play. It is a type of game, and it is super easy to learn to play it.


Learning this game is amazingly simple. Let us understand it.

  • You are required to pick three numbers ranging from zero to nine. For example, 3,7& 6.
  • Next, these numbers are all summed up. Post this final figure is declared.
  • It is as straightforward as 3+7+6 = 16.
  • Then you pick only one digit from this addition, which is the last one. In this case, it is 6.

This gives us the first draw, 3,7,6,6. In the similar manner, the second set of numbers is taken as well. Let us say the new chosen numbers are 4,6 and 8. We sum them up together again, which gives us the number 18. Like the previous time, we will pick the last digit of this number, which is 8. The calculation is 4,6,88.

  • The final card would look like 3,7,6*6 * 4,6,8*8.
  • The most excellent part is that the player gets a lot of choices and other rate payouts.
  • A player can decide to play on all the chances of all the numbers that are being selected to the last, first, or any type of play, whatsoever.


This is how this game is played. It’s easy and simple and money rewarding too.

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