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Data has become the driving force behind smart decision-making in business across all industries. Aside from that, it’s also essential for optimizing a wide variety of critical services ranging from energy to healthcare to government operations. Yet most organizations aren’t deriving as much use out of potentially valuable data as they can. Many still rely on outdated manual methods. Microsoft Excel is still a key tool in many organizations for many routine operations such as building databases and tracking data across a wide range of different functions.

XLSTAT helps transform your Excel data into actionable insights that help you achieve better outcomes in less time. Users can choose from a variety of editions tailored to the unique needs of specific industry sectors. For example, XLSTAT Sensory helps you garner insights into products, customers, and other key business matters. Medical and environmental researchers can choose the Life Sciences version, while marketers can track trends with a dedicated Marketing Edition. Other editions are available for operations like forecasting, quality control, and risk management. Alternatively, the Premium version includes all XLSTAT functions (more than 220 in total) in an attractively priced package.

What’s new in version 2020.1?

The latest release of XLSTAT provides a smart predictive tool which lets you identify the appropriate models depending on your data type. Another new feature, available in all solutions, is the ANOVA algorithm, which has a significant decrease in the computational time needed to process large data sets. Other features include tests on contingency tables, free sorting data analyses, and Taguchi designs. With XLSTAT at your disposal, you’ll be able to turn Excel spreadsheets of any complexity into conveniently visualized insights that can enable and empower smarter decision-making across the board.

Different solutions for a wide range of business needs

Every organization can benefit from data-driven analytics. While automation is the ultimate goal in the age of Industry 4.0, spreadsheets and databases still form an important part in many key business operations. Instead of focusing entirely on doing away with them, it’s usually more productive to take every possible step to maximize their return on investment. That’s why XLSTAT is useful for almost any organization that relies on Microsoft Excel. However, by offering solutions tailored to the needs of specific industries, XLSTAT is far from being a one-size-fits-all solution.

The Basic version lets users explore, visualize, and model their Excel data in a single user-friendly interface. The Basic+ version adds powerful AI and machine learning tools. Marketing teams can choose from the specialized Marketing edition, which helps reveal insights into customer behavior and trends, while the Sensory version gives sales teams insights into products and consumers. There’s also an option for medical and environmental experts called Life Sciences. Financial teams can use the Forecasting version to make accurate predictions of future outcomes. Quality control teams can use XLSTAT Quality for conducting quality control operations and in-depth risk analyses. At the top tier, there’s also the XLSTAT Premium offer, which includes the collective functionality of all of the above in a single convenient package.

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