MacLeay Law Firm Helps Clients Claim Workers Compensation During the Pandemic

Maryland Workers Compensation Lawyers at MacLeay Law Firm are helping injured workers with eligibility claims.

Maryland worker’s compensation lawyers have noticed a recent rise in calls from individuals asking about unemployment and worker’s compensation benefits. With the recent press release from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), workers who contract COVID-19 may be allowed to apply for worker’s compensation insurance with some guidelines.

According to the CDC, workers who continue their job during the pandemic will have some legal issues proving if they have contracted COVID-19 through exposure during work hours. Attorney Macleay assures individuals that “COVID-19 or other diseases that may naturally result in accidental injury, are eligible for pursuing workers compensation benefits if it is within the course of employment.” One should hire a workers comp lawyer if they have been injured or fell ill due to work-related tasks.

Under normal circumstances, one can be eligible under workers compensation for:

– Wage loss compensation
– Medical expenses
– Permanent injury

With the rise in COVID-19 cases, members of the law enforcement, first responders, and front-line medical and public health personnel in many states are considered high-risk employees and will be able to claim for compensation. These enforcements are constantly changing and other actions may be issued since this press release is published.

The answer to knowing which diseases and injuries are covered under the workers compensation is not always black and white. Experts have noted that COVID-19 is considered a disease, whereas the common cold is not considered eligible for workers’ compensation. There are many circumstances that factor into these claims and should be discussed with a workers compensation lawyer for specific and detailed answers.

MD Code Labor and Employment Section 5-101 puts occupational disease, such as COVID-19, part of the state’s compensation and should be allowed payout if:

1. The result was during the course of employment.
2. It causes employees to become temporarily, partially, or totally incapacitated.

Those who are seeking workers compensation can talk to skilled workers compensation lawyers at Macleay Law Firm to discuss their options. Call (240) 545-5557 for a free consultation.

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