Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys Help Consumers Who Have Fallen Into Debt

Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group are open and helping consumers remotely in light of recent unemployment and debt fluctuation.

Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys have noticed a recent rise in calls from individuals worried about their financial situation that may have been affected by the unemployment rise and stay-at-home order for many citizens of Los Angeles County.

According to one of our bankruptcy attorneys, Matthew Faler, “We are noticing a higher call volume day-by-day from people that have been hit financially by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s getting worse. Many people are worried about how they will cover costs in either credit card bills, medical bills, or rent.” Now more than ever, individuals are leaning towards bankruptcy as things are not looking to change for a while and people are getting into a more financial burden. Typically in this financial scenario, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is what would be recommended to individuals to eliminate their debt to get back on track. Making ends meet can be difficult for many and sometimes bankruptcy can be the best thing to have a fresh slate.

The reason many people file bankruptcy, especially a chapter 7 bankruptcy, is to eliminate almost all unsecured debt on their hands. With chapter 7 bankruptcy, an individual can clear away many unsecured debts such as medical bills and credit card payments without the need to pay them back. While millions of people are home for weeks in California, and many out of work, it would be impossible to pay off the current and upcoming debts that people need to pay off. Many people work paycheck-to-paycheck as is, and to have this burden continue would only stack off more debt for individuals.

While chapter 7 bankruptcy is an effective way to clear out overflowing debt, there are other ways to be effective as an individual. With the daily expenses continuing for individuals, Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Matthew Faler recommends, “to save as much as you can and apply to any government relief programs to help you in these tough times. Many people may feel uneasy when it comes to considering a chapter 7 bankruptcy, but thousands of people everyday file bankruptcy in court because of situations that may be similar to yours.”

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