Know the Different Techniques of Taping!

Athletic tapes are used for a variety of reasons, mostly to support muscles throughout the body. There are a lot of opinions about how they function but their key ability is to restrict muscle movement and help with the body’s inherent capacity to recognize where the positioning of the limbs. Athletes are able to feel the tape on their bodies when they tend to move any muscles and are able to experience their related injuries. In the present times, the cheap athletic tape can be taken into use in order to fix different needs and injuries of any athlete.

Sports strapping tape is applied by players in order to extend support to joints and decrease swelling and pain, advancing physical activity and enabling athletes to enhance their performance without settling on safety. As per the needs of an athlete, there are different types of sports tape that must be used.

Some are extremely flexible and stretchable indicating that the player gets entitled to the full range of their motion whereas others are created from inelastic materials to immobilize joints thus providing the player with complete protection while they perform.

However, depending on different circumstances, every tape may have its own perk and flaws. Mentioned below are the key differences between bracing, strapping and Kinesio tape:

1. Strapping: It is known to be a quick and hassle-free way to support a joint as it isn’t much bulky and doesn’t limit much movement. Players prefer to buy strapping tape as it helps in relieving stress and therefore eradicates pains off from the bottom of the knee.

But they may be quite tough on the skin if left for too long and may be of no use if it gets sweaty or wet. When they’re applied, they make the brain conscious that the muscles near the knee require more support making a proprioceptive effect over the knee joint.

2. Kinesio tape: Athletes who wear bright colored tape is known as Kinesio tape or K-tape. This tape is very different from the traditional athletic tape. Therefore, athletes tend to possess a full range of motion while they continue receiving therapeutic perks.

The application of Kinesio tape basically on a specific injury. Moreover, as it has a freakish look, it is available in many different colors and patterns.

3. Braces: Braces are taken into use for a variety of reasons among athletes. Primarily, they are used post-surgery to restrict specific movements while attaining recovery. They are also taken into use to forestall injuries and provide comfort and support during athletic activities.

Braces are also available in various types and sizes. Moreover, the player’s practitioner is able to advise better if brace will be able to assist in the player’s injury as well as recovery.

To sum up, it gets necessary to inform that these tapes do not completely cure any injury but just simply extend some support to the muscles and joints. Also, there are many sport strapping tape suppliers from whom strap tape, Kinesio tape, and bracing can be purchased depending on the seriousness of the injury and the part of the body where the injury has been taken place.

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