In between the discussion regarding the terms and conditions of the IPL 2020 schedule 2020 with the Franchise of UAE, as well as there is the security related tension occurring in the UK based Restrata, there is confusion and distress happening due to this covid 19. Hence the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) which is the 13th edition team is facing huge forfeiture.


The franchises are showing so much concern regarding it to be frank entire world is suffering from this situation but now What BCCI says is to be noted. BCCI has announced so strongly that they not going to compensate any of the franchise for any of the losses they meet.


But still the franchise planned to showcase presentation to the BCCI board so that the board can clearly understand what all problem those Franchise will face because of this covid tension. In the presentation they estimated nearly Rs 46 crores will be a financial loss per team this year per team.


After this presentation to BCCI it created a huge question mark that these financial losses are going to be taken care by the Franchise or the BCCI.


There are lots of comments going on about the IPL Franchise.


Comments like they seem to be so money minded, lot of questions arose that “what if there is no IPL this year?” “Would they could earn any money out of it?”


Still there are lot unethical questions also being talked and asked.


“who would pay the agencies which is appointed by the BCCI regarding IPL? “

“Who will pay the hosting charges for the practices taken?”


But after all these questions BCCI roared and answered in a single sentence “BCCI wont bear any of these charges”.


There is still lot more answers were expected by franchise they wanted to know whether BCCI will reduce the 50% cost of the top four teams in the playoff standing payment.


Association member of BCCI says that “They from where these fumes arises a particular person within the board is making this to happen which completely unfortunate” he added.

There are dozens of questions has been asked among which some of them are discussed below:


  1. If a player with covid19 has been removed from the team has recovered could be added in the same team again?
  2. What rules and regulations should be followed by the player who sign for IPL?
  3. How many friends and family members can be bought to see the match by the Franchise?


And the list goes on. However, the main news about IPL time table 2020 will be revealed  soon.

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