Insights on securing your products with holographic seals

No one will ever recognize your product if there will be no labels on it. The quality of the holographic seals is also important as quality and security play a very important role in success. So, if the quality is good all credit goes to your hologram makers to make your product look exceptional. Labels are important in the packaging industry and to get a significant price for items you can go for holograms.

Hologram security label

Today more and more merchandise is going for security labels and its distinguished fact is using holography. Holography is a technique that constructs a 3D image that secures the products with a security cover. In this technique diffraction, laser, interference, citations of light intensity, and document illumination are also included. The patterns you will see after that will be slightly irregular or regular maybe when it comes to shapes and texts.

It is highly sophisticated 3D pictures laser recordings comprised of multiple layers of customized impressions of artwork. Holograms appear hovering in front or behind the 2D representation that makes the label look more competent, contemporary, and efficient.

Different types of holograms

  • Computer-generated holograms: – These are computer-generated holograms that are used in creating optical elements.
  • Holographic interferometer: – With this type you can compare the real image with virtual and can be used in different applications.
  • Embossed hologram: – This type is especially used in applications such as currency, credit cards, and passports.
  • Multichannel holograms: – It is used in making huge computer memories. It turns as you change your angle.
  • Transmission holograms: – With this type one will get a detailed and precise view of the image.
  • Reflection hologram: – It creates a genuine 3D image and is very popular because of its colorful images.

Notable features of hologram security stickers

Security is important and it is easy to distinguish fake from real. The easy way to differentiate the two is to observe if the hologram has ink technology or has any other customization. Also, look for the anti-duplication protection and holographic experience your service provider offers. Stock holograms are the most common security labels used. It uses texts and serial numbers to secure the product.

What is the price of holographic security labels?

Your service provider will answer this question. But it will mostly depend upon the quantity and size you need. Also, any specific feature you need to imprint on your security label. NanoGrafix offers security holograms, security printing, and other advanced services for your brand. There are many things that can be done using holograms. It also defines your product from the illegal supply. To know more about holographic seals, visit our site

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