Industrial-grade disk sanitation for enterprises

One of the most overlooked areas of information security is secure IT asset disposal (SITAD), which governs the processes around retiring things like old hard drives securely. Deprecated hardware poses an enormous and often underrepresented security threat. Things like old hard drives and any other digital storage device often contain sensitive information. In the business environment, this might include regulated customer data, information about financial transactions, trade secrets, and intellectual property. Simply formatting the retired drives does nothing to delete the data. Using the right software, it is easy to get the lost data back intact, unless it has been physically destroyed via several write cycles. Until that happens, it may be possible for someone else to get their hands on the data in misuse it. Because of this, every business needs to think carefully about the way they go about retiring old IT assets.

KillDisk Industrial from LSoft Technologies is an enterprise-grade solution supporting globally recognized standards like the US Department of Defense 5220-22M. It lets users erase multiple drives at the same time, making it vastly more efficient and faster than many competing products. This is ideal for meeting the challenges of scale when, for example, retiring an entire data center or a large storage area network. With this software, ideally installed on a dedicated desktop or server, you can securely erase dozens of drives in parallel. It is also highly customizable in any context, and it supports all hard drives and solid state drives in the 3.5″ and 2.5″ form factors. It also meets more than 20 international disk sanitization standards for ensuring compliance with regional laws and regulations. The software itself is designed to work on any Windows- or Linux-based platform. However, it’s also available with its own bootable environment, letting you run it on a computer without any operating system installed.

What’s new in Version 4?

LSoft Technologies released KillDisk Industrial version 4 on February 10, 2020. The new version includes a raft of bug fixes and major improvements to performance. Most importantly, the software is now more stable working with damaged or unresponsive disks. It also provides enhanced disk analysis for extracting essential information like SMART data and serial numbers. The erased log has been improved too, allowing users to track erased disks by order IT and records filtering. The data may be exported to a CSV file for easy viewing on any device. Other improvements include barcodes and QR codes for certificates and disk labels for easier item tracking. Enhanced HTML and sound-based notifications help keep users informed about process completion, while individual disk labels are now customizable with presets for various tasks.

KillDisk Industrial is LSoft Technologies’ flagship data sanitation product. It helps enterprises overcome the challenge of scale when securely erasing large numbers of solid state and hard disk drives without physically destroying them. This is ideal if you want to recuperate some of your IT budget by selling on your used assets rather than disposing of them. This software will ensure you can do so safely so that any original information will never end up in the wrong hands.

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