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To say that computers are complex would be a monumental understatement. A typical software environment alone consists of countless thousands of files and hundreds of services and applications. The operating system alone has many components all of which need to work well together to ensure a high degree of reliability and performance. In other words, there are an awful lot of things which can go wrong. By themselves, most of these are minor problems which you’ll hardly notice but, after some time, they compound to have a significant impact on system stability and performance. You might already have noticed how your computer starts to slow down after some time, and it’s no longer performing like it used to. In other cases, even brand-new computers come littered with junk files and unwanted applications.

If the above situation sounds familiar, then you can probably benefit from using a tune-up tool, which will scan your system for potential problems and offer actionable steps towards remedying them. System Mechanic was made to address these issues in a way that makes sense to the average user and requires no specialized expertise. The free version provides all the basic features, including seven award-winning tools: a registry tuner, startup optimizer, RAM leak repair, disk defragmenter, junk file cleanup, internet repair, and program link compare. All these features are fully automated, so there’s no need for any additional user input. All you need to do is install the software on a machine running Windows (either 32- and 64-bit), launch the program, and let it work its magic.

Get rid of unwanted files in an instant

One of the most common problems with new computers, especially those aimed towards the consumer market, is that they come with a whole lot of extra pre-installed software that’s of no use to anyone. This so-called bloatware includes things like trial versions of programs, adware, apps with little or no useful functionality, or unwanted alternatives to apps and services that come built-in with Windows. To make matters worse, this junk software is often configured to launch automatically when you log in to Windows. It is of course possible to stop these apps by using the new Windows 10 Task Manager, but there are some exceptions. Some of the more nefarious startup apps and services don’t even appear in the list! However, System Mechanic will find them, along with any other junk files on your computer, and get rid of them at your request.

Similarly, System Mechanic will scan and clean your system registry, which is a complex database containing information about program settings and system variables. It’s far too large and complicated to clean and manage manually, but System Mechanic will scan for any incorrect or unused keys and remove them as necessary. This can speed up your computer and solve a raft of stability issues. There’s also a disk defragmenter, which you can use on conventional hard drives (not solid-state drives) to physically re-arrange the files so that programs, games, and any other software installed on the device loads faster and runs smoother. Get System Mechanic Free now at .

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