Implement full support for NTFS file systems on Mac

Apple has long been criticized for vendor lock-in thanks to its very limited support for other operating systems and software which hasn’t been designed for it. The very limited support macOS provides for the NTFS file system is perhaps one of the most glaring examples. Yet as the default file system for all Windows computers from Windows 2000 right up to the current Windows 10, NTFS is by far the most common digital storage format. It’s the industry standard in consumer and business computing. Even if you’re exclusively an Apple user, chances are you’ve encountered external drives like USB flash disks, which have been formatted in Windows with the NTFS file system. But when you try to connect the drive to your Mac, you’ll be unable to do much. While macOS does allow you to ready data on NTFS drives, but not much more. If you want to edit the contents of the drive, such as by saving or changing a document stored on it, your only option is to reformat it and start from scratch.

Tuxera has developed a solution that makes that unnecessary. As formatting is hardly a desirable option, given that it means deleting all the data on the drive, Tuxera NTFS brings full native-like support for the file system to your Mac. This helps you overcome the serious interoperability problem and work with NTFS drives just as you would with those originally formatted for macOS. It lets you use the drives just like you do with the proprietary Apple File System, and there is no difference between functionality. Also, the instantly familiar user interface makes it easy to forget you’re running additional software, since it integrates seamlessly with the file explorer. It provides a rich set of features as well, with an easy setup process and full support for NTFS drives which are divided into multiple partitions. Users can enjoy complete control and protection over their data. The current version works with every version of macOS, as well as its predecessors from OS X 10.4.

Tuxera greatly expands on the limited capabilities of other solutions. It even lets you use features specific to the NTFS file system, such as the extended file attributes, data encryption, and virtualization. Now you can enjoy the full capabilities of the world’s most popular file system without even having to use Windows! As a plug and play solution, it does not demand any learning curve or familiarizing yourself with any commands or complex documentation. It’s designed with both casual and advanced users in mind. Whether you’re trying to access some files on a pen drive a friend lent you, or you regularly use both Windows and Apple devices at home or work, Tuxera NTFS for Mac will no doubt become an invaluable tool. There is also a disk utility app included, which helps you manage logical partitions on your NTFS drives just as you would in Windows. From the moment you install the program, you can start browsing, opening, editing, and saving files on your NTFS storage devices with ease. Do everything with Windows drives on you Mac starting now at .

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