How to Place a Bet in different Matka Variations?

Matka is gambling that occurs in different game variations or options, you can say. In simple words, variations are essential options in all the matka games that allow gamblers to select from their betting requirements. Before diving deep into the different matka variations, let’s outline in short about Satta Matka.

Explore Satta Matka

Satta Matka is gambling got viral when Kalyan Matka started in Mumbai, allowing punters betting with a lower amount of Rs. 1/- and winning huge. The Matka was then also known as a corner to fulfil big dreams like becoming a millionaire.

The introduction of an online Matka platform flooded the satta industry with several online Matka sites like live Satta, indiasatta, dpbossonline, Satta Jodi, sattamatkabazzar, sattamatkamobi, and many more as competitors availing the copied services in different satta markets and sub-markets.

The Regular market, King Bazar, and Starline markets are the primary markets in the satta industry, each of which contains further sub-markets or games.

The players are free to bet in multiple Matka games under different main bazars. The lower betting rate starts with either Rs. 5/- or Rs. 10/- and higher is unlimited.

Each Matka game has its betting time. The winning amount is not fixed and differs according to game variations.

Guessing forum, weekly astrology, panel charts, King Jodi Charts, and blog section are essential sections in the site following which leads to success.

What are different Matka game variations?

Initially, the Matka started with a single akda bet. As it got highly famous attracting a large population, the brilliant minds innovated new ideas of variations. It not only lured the participants but also entertained them with this new addition. Wager in the same variation and style often gets boring. For the time being, the participants switch betting in different variations and win more cash. As their game understanding grew more profound, they gain confidence betting in other variations as well. Mostly all the Matka games entertain gamblers with five common variations, i.e. Single Akda, Jodi, Panna or Patti, Sangam, and Half Sangam. Though there are five variations in all, mainly the three variations are expected and wager largely.

  • Single Akda – The player gets options to bet for OPEN or CLOSE. Both of these are single digits. Suppose you selected 3, 6, and 7. Add them and the total (3+6+7) is 16. Here, 6 is the final Ank for betting in OPEN. Now, if you like betting for CLOSE, similarly, pick three digits and get the total. The last digit of the sum is the final number to bet for CLOSE. For instance, the second total is 24, then 4 is your number of betting in CLOSE. There are ten singles in total between 0-9.
  • Jodi – Betting in Jodi requires to choose two-digit, which forms with OPEN and CLOSE. For instance, in the above example, the OPEN figure is 6, and the CLOSE figure is 4. Thus, your Jodi is 64. There are 100 Jodis between 00 – 99.
  • Patti or Panna has three more divisions, i.e. single Patti, double Patti, and triple Patti. Single Patti wager involves three cards from 0-9 arranged in ascending order like 123, 789, 456, etc. However 231 / 132 / 213 / 312 aren’t Pattis. There are 120 single Pattis.

Double Patti cards have two similar digits and one different but arranged in the following order like 223, 455, 677, etc. Only 90 double Pattis are valid.

Understanding Triple Patti is simple. All the three cards should be the same, like 777, 444, 111, etc. There are ten Triple Pana’s.

In total, there are 220 Pattis.

  • Half Sangam – The combination of Singles with Patti gives Half Sangam. In total, there are 4400 half-Sangam. There are two forms of half-Sangam. For example-

HSA or half-Sangam A – It is a combination of Open Patti and shut Single. Suppose in a result (123 – 67-124); the half-Sangam is (123-7)

HSB – A combination of Open Single and Close Patti. Suppose in a result (123 – 67 – 124), the half-Sangam is (6-124).

  • Sangam results as a combination of Open Patti and Close Patti. There are 48400 Sangam. The condition forming Sangam is both Open and Close Patti should pass together to form a Sangam payout. For example, in a result (123 – 61 – 236), the Sangam here is (123 – 236).


The bottom line

 The players’ interest in Matka gambling doubles with the complete understanding of different variations. Thus, it is said, Online Matka is not only a luck game, but it involves correct calculations.

The winning cash differs from variation to variation. Single Akda has the lowest winning money, whereas Sangam and half-Sangam have the highest.

With deep understanding and consistent betting practice, you too can aspire to win millions and be a millionaire playing Satta.

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