How to get over obstacles that prevent you from meditation

There are many reasons that we may not choose to do things that are beneficial for us. At 19 years old, meditation was introduced to me. I was currently pursuing my first academic degree. I had already begun to study the positive effects meditation has on my health. Meditation was both scientifically and medically fascinating to me. Meditation was great for your heart, for stress levels, and for overall health. This is how I would describe it in medical and scientific terms.

Even though I knew that meditation was beneficial for me, I wasn’t concerned about my blood pressure. I was a normal 19-year old student, and didn’t think about the long term effects. I was able to enjoy the benefits and ease of meditation right away. But, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t actually meditating as often as I should have because I didn’t have time. kuber mantra for wealth While I enjoyed the benefits of meditation, I was simply too busy to devote time to it. I meditated only occasionally and not consistently.

It was years ago that I began to meet people who had been meditation for a long time. This is what changed my life. They were able to share with me the many benefits meditation can bring. They shared with me that meditation is a great way to develop spiritually, emotionally, and physically. When I realized meditation was not just for medical/physical reasons, I knew I needed to be a regular practitioner. Since my childhood, I have been interested in “growth” and knew that this was the path for me. I bought a meditation book and began to study and practice regularly. Because growing as a human being is important to me, I started meditation twice daily.

It is important to have a “reason” for meditation. Without a reason or real motivation to meditate, you will make other things a priority. kubera gayatri mantra Making money, socializing, working and other things will take precedence in your life. This will make it more difficult to find meditation time. You will see that meditation has more benefits than just a physical one. It also increases your happiness and spiritual well being.

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