How to build your own file-hosting site without coding

Have you ever wanted to start your own file-hosting website? With YetiShare File Hosting Script, you can, and without ever having to write one line of code. It’s a ready-made yet highly customizable file-hosting website that you can simply upload to your FTP server and start using right away. It’s designed with ease of use in mind so that you can get a professional file-hosting website up and running in a day rather than weeks or months. All you need is to register your preferred domain and choose a hosting package which provides the required amount of storage space, install the script, and you’re pretty much ready to go.

The new version, launched on January 16, 2020, ships with several tweaks and fixes, including a fix for an SQL injection vulnerability and a fix for PayPal subscriptions not always being set up as expected. There are no database changes in this version, so it’s easy to install the update without disrupting your website.

Accommodate all your user’s needs

These days, every website needs to look the part on every device, including those with smaller screens. In fact, there are more mobile internet users than desktop ones, which is why you need full support for smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops. YetiShare ensures users have can enjoy optimal browsing, uploading, and downloading across all devices. Thanks to the Flow theme, YetiShare is fully responsive. This means it scales automatically to the size and aspect ratio of the screen it’s being displayed on. Unlike many content management systems (CMSs) and other pre-built website designs and themes, even the admin area is fully responsive. In other words, you can easily manage, update, and run your site from the small screen while you’re on the move.

YetiShare has been built from the ground up entirely in HTML5, which works with all modern browsers on all platforms. There’s no dated Flash technology holding users back! Also, the platform supports large files using chunked uploading, and you can easily upload files larger than 2GB. Thanks to the drag-and-drop interface, uploading any number of files, regardless of their size, couldn’t be easier. You can even add extra file servers to scale your traffic according to demand.

Monetize your file-hosting website

Of course, running a popular file-hosting website comes with substantial overheads, such as data storage capacity and bandwidth requirements. You probably want to recuperate your expenses. YetiShare makes it possible by adding powerful and flexible revenue-generation features that don’t just help ensure you break even, but also have the chance to make a decent profit. For example, you might offer a restricted free account to users who only want to download a small number of files. However, you can also offer subscription packages to people who prefer unlimited downloads and maximum bandwidth. Either way, the choice is yours, and YetiShare provides many different options. You can easily add extra payment gateways through the use of plugins, and you can even create your own plugins using the open source framework provided. In fact, the entire source code is available for you to change and adapt per your needs. Visit to try out the demo.

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