How Successful is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Do you know knee replacement has become the most common surgical procedure of joint replacement surgery? In 2011 over 7, 22, 000 such procedures were performed only in America. Between 1991 to 2010, the amount of knee replacement surgeries increased by over 161% due to advanced improvements in the science of knee replacement implantation, the experience of Knee Replacement Surgeon In Indore and the growing patients of knee injuries. Although public perception can be influenced by negative advertising and press media, the fact is it is the most successful surgical procedures performed today.

Success Rates

Success rates and quality of life improvements in knee patients are reliably unimaginable. Nine out of 10 knee replacement patients experience immediate relief from knee pain and 95% report they are satisfied with their treatment. Approximately 90% of knee replacement joints last 10 years, while 80% are good for 20 years, depending on patient care, health, and physical activity levels. Outcomes vary from patient to patient.

Who gets a total knee replacement or revision?

Most knee replacement patients are over 60 years but at certain factors knee replacement is a need in younger people and there is the growing incidence of patients in their 50’s, 40’s and even 30’s who have had successful knee replacements through the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon Indore like Dr. Divyanshu Goyal. The largest contributing factor to needing a total knee replacement surgery is advanced arthritis, however, other conditions like osteonecrosis, injuries may lead to a breakdown of the knee joint in the persona and create the need for knee replacement surgery either total or partially.

What results you can expect from your new implant?

While successful knee replacement gives excellent pain relief in joints, it does not give you a normal knee. Many patients are pain-free while sitting cross-legged or climbing stairs, but some still may have occasional aches and a feeling that it’s not their ‘’own’’ joint. Most patients can get back to activities. For the first few weeks, you should be careful not to pivot or twist the joint, and to keep the knee as straight as possible while lying in bed. Kneeling and squatting also should be avoided for this period after knee arthroplasty.

What about implant recalls and lawsuits?

There have been some recalls and lawsuits concerning joint replacement surgical procedures. Although, they represent a very small portion of the total implant population. Press and negative advertising, especially by law firms to promote lawsuits, get far more attention than successful surgeries.

Surgical procedures are continuously being evaluated and updated. That is why it’s important to discuss with surgeon what type of implants or Knee Replacement Surgery Indore procedure is right.

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