Homemade Cat Food — Is your homemade cat food balanced and safe?

A homemade cat food recipe is a great idea for your cat’s optimal health. It doesn’t mean that you can give your cat any food, but it does not mean that your cat will be strong and healthy. Cats, like humans need a balanced diet in their quest for optimal health. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize this until they try making homemade cat foods. Please ensure that you research all possible ingredients before giving your cat any food that you may have prepared. Search online for poisonous foods or find books that teach you how make cat food.

Garlic is a common ingredient that people will not put in their food. CatLicking.com Although garlic is poisonous to cats, many people use it in their food so they may not be afraid to give it to our cats. Tomatoes are another no-no when it comes to feeding felines. Tomatoes are another thing that can be fatal to felines.

When making homemade cat food, you should avoid feeding them raw eggs. Because they’re so small, their chances of getting salmonella are higher than ours. Raw dough can’t be given to your cat. I don’t know whether that would be something I would consider giving my cat. But, because raw dough could continue to rise in the stomachs of cats and cause serious damage, I can’t give it to them.

It is not a complete list, but it should give you some idea. Maine Coon and Munchkin It is not uncommon for people to feed their cats poisonous or give them a healthy balanced meal. This is why homemade cat food has become a very popular option.

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