Carolina Herrera Flórez, a health coach, author, registered nurse and lifestyle expert, has designed an impactful My Best Personal Yoga 10-week course with empowerment methodology to help individuals achieve a Zen-like retreat every day. 

Through the course, individuals will incorporate their critical thinking skills to obtain overall greater wellness through a personal yoga practice in as little as 10 minutes a day. Flórez’s extensive knowledge of the health benefits of yoga and correct practices will help participants create a dedicated practice any time of day, master a sequence and incorporate optimal breathing. 

“Stress levels are at an all-time high around the world,” said Flórez. “I can help people learn to create their own balance and peace of mind through the My Best Personal Yoga Class. Achieving a healthy lifestyle is a practice and there are specific tools that can be learned to better our whole selves.” 

The My Best Personal Yoga 10-week course allows participants to practice yoga on their own time, with a system in place to monitor progress, create powerful memories and even share their practice with others. In the simple and safe 10-week course, participants will connect with other like-minded yogis, receive inspiration and transform their lives to relieve stress, regulate emotions and achieve focus and clarity. 

To learn more about the course and to register to participate, visit Additional information about Flórez can be found at 

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For Carolina, communicating, moving and breathing—on and off the yoga mat—is an art form. For her, it is personal. She breathes, moves and establishes a connection between her mind and body on her own terms.  Carolina is dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy and balanced life by offering a compassion-centered philosophy based on years of research and practice.


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