Grow Your Online Business Revenue with Yetishare File Hosting Script

There are plenty of digital side hustles available online right now. While some may go for the get-rich-quick schemes, others prefer a solid business structure to support long-term goals and growth. One of the best methods of growing an online business today is by creating a file hosting service that includes reliable and respected payment gateways. That is precisely what the new version of Yetishare has achieved.

A little over six years ago, a new PHP script was created to enable business owners without scripting experience to build new hosting platforms. Thus, Yetishare was born and became popular because it uses a wide range of features that integrate smoothly with various payment gateways through a clean and easy-to-use Admin panel.

You can use Yetishare in several different ways. The most common method is to create a file-sharing website where users can upload their photos or documents for free and then pay a fee after a certain amount of “free” space is used up. You can then integrate some pay levels depending on how much space they will need in the future and watch as the money starts to accrue.

Yetishare has been leveraged by over 6,000 websites since its creation. It is a reliable script-based system that does not require any coding knowledge to install and operate. The Admin panel is straightforward, and the newer features help manage your company regardless of size. The entire project is very scalable and secure, which allows your company to grow quickly.

The new version has many plug-ins for everything, from creating a rewards program on your site to converting the different media being stored or uploaded into common file types. It is fully mobile supported and responsive to different screen sizes. The platform includes a robust FTP upload plug-in as well as access security features like their Country Ban plug-in. This helps businesses avoid any unwanted political or legal issues surrounding territories where the internet is strictly administered.

The versatility of Yetishare is probably the most significant selling point. With so many new features, you can create a social network, Dropbox competitor, or a new file-sharing website that runs ads for revenue. Their payment gateways include all the major players like PayPal, Stripe, and PayFast. Yetishare also provides support for cryptocurrency through payments gateways like coinbase, bitpay, and CoinPayment.

Digital tools like Yetishare enable business owners from all over the globe to operate in every market they desire without having to worry about local restrictions or payment issues. None of the source code is encoded, so you have the opportunity to expand and customize practically anything you’d like on the platform to fit your business model. If you are interested in building your next web platform with excellent file hosting and sharing capability, you cannot go wrong with Yetishare. You can download a demo version of the PHP script at . Good luck with your next file-sharing project!

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