Global Artificial Meat Market

Global Artificial Meat Market size was valued US$ XX Mn in 2019 and the total revenue is expected to grow at 6.49% through 2020 to 2026, reaching US$ XX Mn. Global Artificial Meat Market by Product To know about the Research Methodology :- Request Free Sample Report

Global Artificial Meat Market Overview:

The global artificial meat market is estimated to see significant demand due to the increase in global demand for meat substitutes & alternative sources of protein. Main drivers, with rising health awareness, environmental worries, & better health benefits, are slated to have a positive impact on the development of the market. Also, rising customer inclination towards animal welfare & innovations in cellular agriculture is some other major drivers that are expected to drive the global artificial meat market. Furthermore, growing the consumption of meat products together with the increasing demand for nutritious meat is likely to help the market development during the forecast period. The global meat industry has come under increasing scrutiny in the last few years due to the scale of its ethical, human health, & environmental impacts. The aforementioned worries, coupled with estimations that demand for protein products will endure increasing during the forecast period suggests an urgent need for methods of protein products that are more nutritious, animal welfare-conscious, & sustainable. The production of artificial in vitro meat is a developing process to produce animal meat in laboratories using tissue engineering methods. This method of making meat contains a Vitro culture of the animal muscle tissue rather than slaughtering animals to obtain meat for consumption. The product not only bids healthier, safer, & disease-free meat to customers but also decreases the negative environmental effects compared with old-style meat production. Consumer desire to consume meat & animal-derived foods has led to the growth of cellular agriculture which helps to produce animal proteins using less animal-derived substantial than the existing meat industry, by using in-vitro cultivation. The said methodology goals to satisfy an end-user who wants to consume meat products with the drive to safeguard total food security & reduce the environmental problem of food production. There are certain stringent rules in naturally adapted food products that can have a negative effect on the development of cultured meat. As of June 2019, the Food & Drug Administration is scheduling to mention cultured meat into the United States legislation. According to the MMR study report, United States Secretary shall control products made from cells of amenable species of livestock grown under measured conditions for use as human food.

Corona Virus may speed up the shift to meatless alternatives:

During the onset of the Covi-19 pandemic, the meat industry was crashed by warnings of meat shortages owing to closed plants, resulting in price rises, & increasing numbers of sick workers circumstances which would potentially show new opportunities for artificial meat-based companies. Traditional meat distribution channels were & continue upended, like restaurants, schools, & other services closed. Decreasing output & increasing prices left customers with fewer options, & artificial meat alternatives began to see a lift.

Global Artificial Meat Market Segment Analysis:

Meat & Beans also showing strong development since lockdown began:

Global Artificial Meat Market The artificial meat industry saw sales surge 264% in the nine weeks ended May 2. While these numbers are still a minor portion of meat sales, their development still highlights the chance that meat alternatives gained amid the corona virus pandemic. Even dairy alternatives saw a surge: in the 1st week of March, oat milk sales were up 347 percent YoY against a backdrop of decreasing dairy demand. Beyond the shortage, the corona virus pandemic has also forced many customers to face problems in the meat supply chain for the 1st time, with the health of the labors or the ethical treatment of animals.

Global Artificial Meat Market Regional Insights:

The North America is projected to witness high demand in the in artificial meat market during the forecast period due to the meat-eating population &rising investments & research on product growth. Moreover, the global occurrence of cultured meat producers is expected to deliver favorable prospects for change&development in the region. The industry competition is medium, with a minority of meat substitute producers. However, growing new entrants coupled with diversified consumer preferences &rising demand is projected to bolster industry rivalry during the forecast period. Research &Development initiatives to grow superior products in compliance with food rules currently characterize the industry. The report covers Poultry,Pork, Beef, Duck with detailed analysis Global Artificial Meat Market industry with the classifications of the market on the, Product, Application & region. Analysis of past market dynamics from 2016 to 2019 is given in the report, which will help readers to benchmark the past trends with current market scenarios with the key players’ contribution in it.The report has profiled fifteen key players in the market from different regions. However, the report has considered all market leaders, followers, and new entrants with investors while analyzing the market and estimation the size of the same. The manufacturing environment in each region is different and focus is given on the regional impact on the cost of manufacturing, supply chain, availability of raw Products, labor cost, availability of advanced Type, trusted vendors are analyzed and the report has come up with recommendations for a future hot spot in five regions. The major country’s policies about manufacturing & Covid 19 impact on demand side are covered in the report.

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Global Artificial Meat Market table

Global Artificial Meat Market, by Region

• North America: o US o Canada • Europe o UK o Germany o France o Spain o Italy o Sweden o CIS countries o Rest of Europe • APAC o China o India o South Korea o Japan o Australia o Rest of APAC o ASEAN  Indonesia  Malaysia  Singapore  Thailand  Vietnam • Middle East & Africa o GCC Countries o South Africa o Rest of MEA • Latin America o Mexico o Brazil o Rest of Latin America

Global Artificial Meat Market Key Players

• MosaMeat • Just, Inc • SuperMeat • Aleph Farms Ltd • Finless Foods Inc • Integriculture • Balletic Foods • Future Meat Technologies Ltd • Avant Meats Company Limited • Higher Steaks • Appleton Meats • Fork & Goode • Biofood Systems LTD • Mission Barns • BlueNalu, Inc. • Mutable • Seafuture Sustainable Biotech • Shiok Meats • Wild Type • Lab farm Foods • Kiran Meats • Cubiq Foods • Cell Farm FOOD Tech • Granjua Celular S.A.

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