Finding Your International Talent International Assessment Centres

Studies have shown that placing candidates through Assessment Centres (AC) dramatically increases the probability of getting the right candidate for the job. Blue-chip companies and other large organisations regularly use ACs to recruit key people within their organisations as well as find’new blood’ from beyond the organisation. They are increasingly being used additionally to fill key foreign roles in foreign currency markets or in joint ventures (JVs). go to the website

The term Assessment Centre refers to a specific process that can be for as few as one day or up to three times normally. It consists of trained observers analyzing the behavioural performances of engaging candidates according to a particular customer’s requirements. This might be for career development or development, or for filling a particular post or standing or to determine potential candidates with particular skills-sets. The candidates are often assessed in small groups after going through a pre-selection process. Assessment Centres can include different exercises, in-tray activities, case studies, and more conventional face to face interviews, either in groups or independently.

An international assessment centre takes the fundamental AC process and reframes everything within that procedure in an international context. In global evaluation centers it’s very important to take into account the cultural aspects and specificities of their candidates’ country of origin, in addition to the multi-cultural dimension inherent to global classes and their corporate challenges and procedures. As more business organisations globalise, international assessment centres are turning into a clear and proven way to get the ideal match for the worldwide operations.

In simple terms an AC is a much more reliable and consistent process that conventional job interviews that could be fraught with prejudice and lack clear structure or process. As a result of this, global talent expression of interest many small business organisations invest in assessment centres processes because they realize that using a well thought-through process is the most accurate and unbiased means of detecting the ideal people for the company.

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