Ferkart Now Featuring 100% Electrical Karts for a Thrilling Racing Experience

Ferkart is pleased to announce the launch of their 100% electric karts the RKZ and JKZ models. The RKZ generation of karts, the adult electric kart for rental promises the ultimate go karting experience. It is fast, lightweight innovative and completely electric. This sporty electric cart features latest technology electric brushless motor that run on high performance lithium batteries. Designed for absolute racing, the super sporty body comes with futuristic LED lights, LCD screen embedded with F1 styled steering wheel, more torque, zero emissions and total fun on par with the Grand Prix race.

The JKZ generation of electric kart for rental is an ideal kart for young drivers. Designed to suit the junior racing requirements, this model promises ultimate fun and adrenaline rush. This too is 100% electric and the most advanced in the junior go karting market. A sporty model, JKZ comes with brake lights, custom decals, standard steering wheels with hydraulic breaks, static seat and pedals that can be adjusted, battery indicator, emergency stop button, adjustable seats and most importantly it promises safety.

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Ferkart established in 2019 is a Connecticut based electric kart manufacturer featuring Generation 2.0 model of karts for the Go Karting sport. The products implement the latest technology with the safest security features and promising performance at affordable prices.

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