FAQs about MBBS in Philippines

The present trend is like Indian students look for studying MBBS in Philippines. There are several advantages attached with this fact since the expenses are quite low and the quality of education is also high. The students make their career here and concentrate in passing MCI and other equivalent exams. You can look for UV Gullas College of medicine admissionas that’s the choice for more and medicine aspirants. There are some FAQ’s that is generally asked by students aspiring to study MBBS in Philippines

  1. What are the eligibility criteria and admission requirements for the course?

Citizen from any country has the eligibility of studying MBBS, the minimum criteria being the student has to secure a minimum of 50% in HSC in Physics, Biology and Chemistry.  For studying MD one has to secure 50% in medicine and also should have appeared in NEET.

  1. Do you need books?

As a student you can either buy the recommended books from your country or maybe Philippines. Well, some books are given by Universities.

  1. Can students cook food by themselves?

The students can definitely cook by themselves.

  1. Are the degrees offered to the students recognized by WHO?

The medical colleges of Philippines are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), MCI (Medical Council of India), CHED (Commission for higher education and development) and many other accredited organization.

  1. What kind of medical education prevails in Philippines?

The country’s medicine course is accredited by America and follows the American education system. The system is accredited by many other common wealth countries like UK, India, Pakistan and many others.

  1. How’s the weather in Philippines?

The climate here in Philippines is mainly tropical in nature. There are three seasons altogether. June to September is the rainy season, October to February is cool and dry, and finally March to May being the hottest.

  1. When does the course commence?

There are mainly two sessions and the classes begin in June and November.

  1. Since which year was this university established?

Although not much information is obtained about exactly when did the Universities started but approximately they are a decade old. The courses the started diversifying into various other categories.

  1. What are the facilities available in the University?

All facilities like library, internet and laundry are available at the least possible cost

  1. What is the medium of instruction in Philippines?

Philippines being an American colony for more than 50 years, the medium of instruction is English.

If you want to secure UV Gullas College of Medicine admission, then go through the website carefully and get all the necessary information. You will be counselled by industry experts who will disseminate essential information to your parents too. Hopefully this article has contained some valuable information. In case you have already started planning your career as a medical professional, pay attention to all these details and start discussing with your guardian. Spend money or get loans from banks at a low rate, you have all the freedom to shape your future.

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