Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market

Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market is likely to grow at CAGR of around XX% and will exceed over XX billion by 2026. Europe IoT in smart cities market growth is principally driven by changes in the technology, human and institutional aspects. For the technology aspects, it is the sensing/actuating, networking, and data analytics that have been the major contributing factors. For the human aspects being considered includes education & governance, social capital and lifestyle among others. Mostly for the institutional aspects, the factors that are considered includes urban planning, communities, and governance. The cardinal value of the smart cities and enabling it with IoT works on the concept of creating value for the entire ecosystem that may get assessed in quantitative as well as qualitative terms. The report study has analyzed revenue impact of covid-19 pandemic on the sales revenue of market leaders, market followers and disrupters in the report and same is reflected in our analysis. Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market Overview, By Region Europe have remained one of the key regions to have monitored growth and adoption of IoT based devices that are connected through internet and can be accessed through different platforms an apps. Presently, companies all over the world have worked on delivering services that may provide a higher sustainability and a better living standard for people. UK and Germany have been a few key regions within Europe that have grown with the technological evolution and have gradually progressed into implementing the cutting-edge technology for delivering state-of-the-art infrastructure. The costs together with the accessibility of IoT technologies is helping more private companies to use devices for helping in instrumentation of the physical infrastructure connected through the smartphones that many people carry. Cloud computing has had a significant role and influence on the overall development of smart cities that are connected through IoT. It has further affected how these cities manage or deliver services to reduce costs and increase efficiency Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market Overview, By Platform IoT platforms have gradually become an essential part of the IoT stack. These platforms are required to manage, monitor, store, secure as well as analyze IoT data. It has a growing role for the artificial intelligence sector along with the enablement of applications having a growing focus towards vertical applications or open source. IoT device management, and the lack of standards or interoperability present with related gaps in a broader IoT perspective is present. Hereby, they serve as a bridge for closing gaps. IoT platforms fulfil many potential goals such as faster development of IoT applications, linking the backend with the device ecosystem, IoT device management, and data collection & integration among others. Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market Overview, By Solution The data management solutions or the location analytics solution have gained demand and has potential growth opportunities for future as well. The data crunching across organizations have resulted in more number of companies opting for smarter solutions to manage data and work on the precise as well as timely utilization of the information. Data management solutions have huge scope as well considering the fact more number of people are getting into the positivity of managing the real-time information available. Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market Overview, By Application The implementation of IoT in the transportation, building automation, and infrastructure management sector have become a compulsion for companies that are gradually working on enhancing the user experience. The retention of customers along with their loyalty have helped companies to boost their brand share. More companies are putting in their investments on IoT based devices that are connected via artificial intelligence and have remained a necessary component for the interconnected devices. Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market Overview, By Market Players Securing the available data along with monitoring the confidentiality of information regarding users are some of the key undertakings by the key players in the IoT in smart cities market. Some of the companies operating in Europe IoT in smart cities market are Bosch Software Innovation GmbH, Elton Technologies, Telensa, Huawei, 4energy, D30, EVRYTHNG, TSystems, Robotina Doo, Quamtra, Urbiotica, e3tcity, Enerbrain, Nettrotter, Inteliment Technologies, Nokia Networks, Qualcomm, Intel Corporation, Prosyn Ltd., Darktrace.

Market Segmentation

• Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market, By Technology

o Satellite Network  RFID  NFC o Cellular Network  NFC  Wi-Fi  Others

• Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market, By Solution

o Real-time Streaming Analytics o Location Analytics o Network Security o Data Management o Network Bandwidth Management o Application Security o Remote Monitoring System • Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market, By Platform o Device Management Platform o Application Management Platform o Connectivity Management Platform • Europe IoT in Smart Cities Market, By Application o Transportation o Building Automation o Infrastructure Management o Energy Management o Intelligent Cities Services o High-Tech Products

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