EQ Distribution signee “Bonni3” sets the tone with her new released EP titled “Bonni3 No Clyde”

Gabriel Comfort A.K.A by her stage name Bonni3 is pleased to announce the release of her new single from her latest EP titled “Bonni3 No Clyde”. This project was noticed by EQ distribution. Major artists such as Mariah Lynn, Ryan Leslie, Nino Man, Tiny Harris and Mae Tae are only a few of the amazing artists signed with EQ alongside Bonni3.

Here is a link to Her single off of the project:



Bonni3 is a Virginia native, who was always raised around a ton of musical influences. Being in a mixed family she enjoyed anything from Journey to Mary J Blige thus helping distinguish her own sound. Bonni3 was not always a solo artist. She actually belong to a rap duo including a “Clyde”. This pair did not last due to many differences. Now being a solo artist Bonni3 has discovered her own sound and drive for music.Bonni3 has a very new sound that can mesh well with the new industry trends. The atmospheric vibe with Trap, Philosophies and sex appeal as her mixture seems to be attracting a lot of attention. Being noticed by EQ is not the end of the road, there is still much to be done. This coming year Bonni3 is set to release 4 new videos and 3 new projects. Bonni3 was mentioned on Dj Clues Desert Storm blog, Coast 2 Coast Live and many versatile platforms, but 2020 is going to be a big year. In the meantime you can hear Bonni3 on all major music platforms.

Contact: Gabriel Comfort
phone (540) 406 9489
country based: United States Of America

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