Choose The Right Label Applicator Machine For Your Company

The primary purpose of a business is to maximize profits, with long-term success being the end goal. The very same can be achieved, by maximizing inputs, making optimum use of resources and constant optimization of operations. One such operation which plays a vital role in manufacturing industries is labelling. A label serves as an identity of the product. Hence its placement and arrangement are crucial in the labelling process. In today’s automated world, companies resort to efficient and hassle-free labelling machines to ensure an accurate rearrangement of labels. This leads to a peak in their interest to invest in sophisticated pressure-sensitive label applicator machines, which can be optimized as per their requirement.

Need for label applicators

Every industry needs specialized label applicators to adhere to their dynamic requirements. Labelling machines apply pre-printed labels on desired products, while some cater to both printing and application of labels on products as well. This is one of the many machine features available when selecting a labelling machine. Semi-automatic, Automatic and Manual label applicator machines are available in the market.

How to choose the right label applicator?

Important product, label and application attributes to consider while selecting the appropriate label applicator:

  • Surface:

The surface of the product, which can be concave, flat, or convex, should be taken note of. At the same time, the product material on which the label will be applied needs to be considered. Product surfaces are generally made of metal, plastic and paper. The machines compatibility with the product’s surface must be checked to ensure proper fixation of the label.

  • Label’s size and shape:

Different Products are manufactured in different shapes and sizes which is what makes every product unique. The same idea is entrusted upon a label to add to the uniqueness of a product. A dynamic label applicator must be able to configure the label specifications of an item. In accordance with label application requirements, an apt label applicator can be selected.

  • Materials of labels:

Labels materials can vary from film, foil, or paper. Every product has different needs of label materials. For example: In the food and beverage industry, glossy labels can be printed on white film or semi-gloss paper. Semi-gloss paper tends to be more popular since it’s a cost-effective material that has comparable print quality. An advanced label applicator must be capable of working on different label materials according to the product requirement.

  • Application rate:

The application rate of a machine is determined by measuring how many products can be labelled per minute. PPM is an abbreviation for products per minute. Label applicator machines function at different speeds. The goal is to buy a label applicator that is flexible according to changes in the production line and can be optimized to increase inputs.

  • Seamless integration:

Seamless integration of the manufacturing system will ensure a seamless labelling process. Stating every detail involved in product specification and label application to the machine applicator manager will guarantee in finding the right label applicator catering to all labelling specifications for achieving the perfectly labelled product.

  • Other factors

Along with the above-mentioned factors, opt for a reliable manufacturer. This will ensure finding a flexible, versatile, and consistent label applicator machine.


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