Cheap Driving Lessons Are You Getting Value for Money?

Recently I have been seeing more and more new driving schools look in my area advertisements cheap driving lessons with a variety of special deals. Offers such as’10 lessons for #99′,’5 hours for #55′ and’4 hours for #44′ are emerging with increasing regularity. But is the consumer really getting value for the money? Personally I know I could never operate my company supplying such bargains – it would barely pay my exceptions – and that I wouldn’t want my company connected with anything’cheap’ anyhow – so are additional driving schools attaining it?

I frequently hear tales from students who have come to me by other driving schools that they would invest most of their lessons parked up at the car moving over theory rather than getting in valuable work. This is a manner that driving schools can cut costs – less fuel used and less wear and tear in their car. I heard a story that a driving school in the area completed a two hour street code lesson with their students! driving school near me

Tying on from the first stage, less sensible work on lessons will result in a decreased progress in the students driving abilities. If you’re sitting about for half of each lesson not really driving then it’s going to take you twice as long to get to test standard. So ’10 lessons for #99′ deal looks good on the outside, but if it’s going to take you double click the course it’d at a established and reputable driving school is it really a decent saving?

The initial offer will only be a one off and may include some terms and requirements. Once you’ve had your deal, the lesson price will return to the driving school’s standard rates. The stipulations on a’10 hours for #99′ for example can typically be something like 3 hours to be held back for evaluation day lesson. That would tie you to the driving school – you receive your first 7 hours and then MUST stay with the driving school until your evaluation to get another 3 hours – something you may not want to do if you are not pleased with the instruction being given to you. driving lessons near me

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