Busyz.com Adds “Let’s Meet for Coffee”

BUSYZ, provides different experiences when developing business networks. BUSYZ’s platform breaks the false online promises in building professional relationships. A member will easily find other business professionals nearby through the amazing features and the most effective ways. The power of word-of-mouth is definitely the most effective marketing system, and this marketing system is used by BUSYZ to create a unique system in growing business networks and relationships.

BUSYZ’s CEO states that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing, and that 90% of consumers trust word of mouth recommendations from people they know. Currently, BUSYZ platform members are growing daily in Canada and USA. BUSYZ has two unique features to make it easier for members to grow their business network. A member can use the BUSYZ “Refer” to get potential clients referrals from other members. The system will send a Referral notification to both members & potential clients, and they can connect with each other. Another feature that is important is “Let’s Meet for Coffee.” BUSYZ “Let’s Meet for Coffee” is a simple and easy to use feature. Members can arrange to meet other members in an offline settings with this feature.

BUSYZ platform is a one-of-its-kind system that gives multiple benefits to our members. They can grow their local business network and promote their business to people they know.”

BUSYZ only allows one professional in one category and location. That means that there are no competitors in the same fields and locations. A member will get exclusivity in each city and location. Therefore, they can grow and obtain qualified referrals without competitors. Joining the platform is easy. There is a $99 annual fee that gives you all the benefits. After joining, members can start to develop their business network and send and receive referrals to each other.

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