Building a Gamer Resume Is Just a Click Away with is an online gaming community built for gamers by gamers. This platform allows gamers to build a gamer resume and share it with the community. From casual players to the pro gamers, any kind of gamer is invited here. There are so many gamers out there who are hardcore professionals and the biggest influencers. They too have a large number of followers and have the power to advertise the game like no other platform. This platform invites all kinds of casual gamers, theory crafters, tinkerers, pro gamers and the trolls too.

The platform can be used to share videos and information from social media sites including Twitch which allows users to broadcast or watch live streaming of pre-recorded gameplay. Twitch broadcasts usually have the gamer’s audio commentary making it a more interesting feed. So, those who want to create a gamer’s resume, this community is the best place to start with. Member users can broadcast and share their videos, connect with others in the community, make new friends and become an ultimate gaming community.

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About is an online gaming community which allows gaming enthusiasts build their own gamer resume. This community brings together people who share many things in common including their love for online games.

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