Boot up any computer with [email protected] LiveCD

[email protected] LiveCD is a suite of high-end disk and data utilities which work through a self-contained operating environment that functions independently of your operating system. You can boot it from any removable media, such as a USB pen drive or an optical disk. You can use it on any machine, even if there is not functioning operating system installed. Thanks to the wide range of tools included, you can perform various functions, such as securely deleting data, recovering deleted files, changing important system settings and functions, and managing partitions. On top of that, it includes many everyday computing tools, such as a calculator, web browser, notepad, and registry editor.

Securely delete data

Most people assume that emptying the recycle bin or formatting a drive is final. After all, your operating system will warn you whenever you try to go ahead with such an action that the files will be gone for good. However, that isn’t really the case, since data remains on any storage device until something else overwrites it. Sometimes, this can take many months or even years, especially if the device isn’t often in use. As such, if you want to sell or donate an old computer, you will need to make sure beforehand that your personal data has been securely erased. [email protected] KillDisk 12, the new version, is included in this suite. It securely erases digital storage devices in accordance with globally recognized standards.

Recover deleted files

[email protected] LiveCD 8 also includes new editions of [email protected] UNDELETE and [email protected] Partition Recovery. These are LSoft Technologies’ leading digital recovery solutions, designed to exploit the window of opportunity you have before deleted data is truly lost for good. For example, if you accidentally lost a partition or formatted a drive, then you should act quickly. You can use the partition recovery app to immediately recover damaged or formatted disk partitions, while the file recovery software lets you get back specific files which have been removed from the recycle bin. In the latest version, there are many new file signatures supported, which give you an easy way to find recoverable data.

Back up everything

The most secure way to back up all your data is to make a complete image of the entire disk. That way, nothing will get forgotten about. Also, if you have a full disk image, you can easily transfer your operating system and applications and documents over to a new storage device or computer. That’s a lot quicker than reinstalling everything manually from scratch, especially if you’re provisioning a lot of new systems at once. The latest [email protected] Disk Backup 2 does everything for you.

[email protected] LiveCD 8, released on June 5, 2020, includes the latest versions of all the tools mentioned above, as well as [email protected] Password Changer 10 and [email protected] Disk Editor 7. The recovery environment has also been overhauled and is now based on the latest openSUSE Leap 15.1. The Boot Disk Creator has been updated too, providing a faster and more efficient way to create your bootable media. Download the latest recovery and disk management tool set today at .

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