(IPL 2020): The 13th edition IPL 2020 (Indian Premier League) fever started. All around the world betting has been started and according to the many odds released Mumbai Indians team got more attention and they won in the predictions of many betting companies that they are going to win in this season. Even though there are a lot of issues going around in the corona season people are likely to show interest in betting.


The runner up predicted I mean the second favorite team of this 2020 IPL season in Hyderabad Sunrisers, these predictions are made by the biggest legal sports betting platforms Bet365, Betfair, William Hills, and Betway. IPL Schedule 2020 is that it starts on September 19.


Let’s discuss teams and their IPL winning predictions for the year 2020


  • As I said Mumbai Indians rocked and rolled the betting and they got the chance of winning ratio is around 16.9% and they are the leading team for now in prediction so a lot of traffic around this team as well
  • Hyderabad sunrises are the second leading team in the betting with the prediction ratio of 16% just a close competition between Mumbai Indians. we can expect any of these both the teams are going to win the trophy and along with this, we should keep in mind these all are just predictions.
  • Next comes the Chennai Super kings team where most of the time they went to the edge of winning the trophy but they miss it and the saddest part is MS Dhoni the prior team captain has announced his retirement so fans are just disappointment but still Chennai super kings just did their best in predictions and got the third rank with the ratio of 15.08%. Let’s wait and watch.
  • Kolkata Knight Riders got the ratio of 11.31%
  • Royal challengers Bangalore got the ratio of 11.31%
  • Rajasthan Royals got the ratio of 8.23%
  • Kings XI Punjab got the ratio of 8.23%



There is always a huge fanbase that is there for Cricket especially in India people go crazy for the cricket and Indian cricket team. Definitely, Mumbai Indians are a very strong team and there is no doubt that Mumbai Indians have become the bidders favorite, and as usual Hyderabad Sunrisers are also a great team with good players. Already Mumbai Indians have taken away the IPL trophies four times in the year 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2019. But according to the prediction Hyderabad Sunrisers going to be huge competition and they will create a huge tension for the Rohit Sharma Captain of the Mumbai Indians team. IPL Time Table 2020 is still not answered yet.

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