Artist Sophia Hunte

My name is sophia hunte, my artist name is soapopera23 i am from the bronx. The name of my record label is called Luxury posh enterainment.

I am the owner of this record label and it is an independent label. On my record label i am my first artist for the company. What makes me different is what i represent which is no matter your size and looks if have talent you should able to showcase talent and also reach for your dreams. I built this label from scratch so i able to have the freedom to make my decisions and do things on my own terms.

In 5 years i hope to be in a position where i can help other artist and running a multi million figure record label.

The egacy i want to leave behind is soapopera23 never gave up, never took no for answer, also finding ways to push herself for the best. check out her new video on you tube link

to down her music on digital platform- Https://

Contact :
sophia hunte
[email protected]
usa bronx, ny
instagram; soapopera23
facebook: Luxury posh entertainment llc

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