Anime, Light Novel, or Manga? Which Do You Prefer?

These are usual questions that come about at any stage in almost any conversation about an anime show. It’s almost exactly like if a film comes out based off a novel, a usual question is,”Did you read the book?” animeseason

To tell the truth, this kind of bothers me. Why? Wellthere are a lot of light book / manga readers out there which don’t care if a person has done the same, but in the same time you will find quite a few that almost take crime.

It’s rather annoying. I personally believe that there’s one large difference between a picture adaptation of a book, and an anime version of a light novel or manga. What is that? Volume. Films take a long while to produce. Anime do too, but they come air new shows four times each year (anime seasons). So, how do you compare a film, that is published once after a long time, to anime which is published four times a year?

That is only food for thought. The real question, that this guide is about, is what if you opt for? In case you start picking up lighting books? Or perhaps you should pick up some manga? You know what, you should probably only watch the anime.

Anime is usually my go to whenever I hear of an interesting story. Why? It’s simple. You can watch a story unfold before your own eyes, without needing to navigate through the words of a light book or piecing together pictures of a manga.

The downside, generally, is lack of depth. There is only so much that an anime could fit in the season, in addition to only so much they can show through the senses. You can easily overlook a few background things that got cut, or not fully understand a situation only because you are unaware what condition the personality is in.

If I enjoy the anime, I normally go looking into the light book. Obviously, I must wait for a translation. A mild novel is quite an investment, as any book is, so I look at it as me enjoying the story enough to it back. I really don’t read translations online, I always buy the book. One, since I love having the physical copy, and two, to encourage the writer.

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