McAllister Spa Hair Salon in Miami Beach provides styling services, beauty products and educational classes for natural hair. Due to COVID-19, we are now open 7 days a week.

We maintain social distancing and strict appointments in order to maintain the health and safety of our clients.

About McAllister Spa:

McAllister Spa Hair Boutique provides styling services, products, consultations, and educational classes for natural hair. To maintain engagement with their customers, the chic boutique now offers virtual product consultations and hair education workshops via Zoom. They also lend their space to networking opportunities for fellow small business owners.

“Ensuring the safety and health of Miami Beach residents, visitors and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic remains the city’s most important objective.”

“The City of Miami Beach has extended the city’s State of Emergency Declaration and Emergency Measures through November 4, 2020.

All retail stores outside of the MXE, including package liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and gasoline service/filling stations, which offer for sale any alcoholic beverage(s), (including, but not limited to, liquor, beer, or wine) for off-premises consumption may sell alcoholic beverages pursuant to those times delineated in Section 6-3 of the Code of Laws and Ordinances of the City of Miami Beach.”

In order to maintain proper safety we follow the law – please feel free to book a consultation or hair salon appointment call us today.

contact :

company name: McAllister Spa Hair Salon Miami Beach
company contact person: William McAllister
company phone: +13056040550
country based: USA
company email (not free gmail etc) [email protected]

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