5 Important Tips to Remember While Choosing Diamond Jewellers in Perth

When it comes to jewellery shopping, people often become perplexed regarding choosing a diamond jeweller. Most of them believe in buying jewellery from those diamond jewellers in Perth, which keep an extensive variety of different jewellery items. But it is not a good decision to shortlist jewellery solely on this factor. When you are buying expensive diamond jewellery, make attempts to bag a good deal by selecting a jewellery store on the following parameters.

Purity & Authenticity

Diamond jewelleries are expensive no matter whether you buy an engagement ring or necklace. Therefore, it becomes important to make a purchase from such a store that offers pure and authentic products. And diamonds purity and authenticity are easy to guess with its certification. So, make it a thumb rule to buying diamond jewellery from a store which deals with certified diamonds only. For this, you can check the credentials of the store. Play safe by choosing such a store that keeps GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified jewelleries or is an active member of the AGS (American Gem Society). After all, making an investment in diamond jewellery is a wise investment that gives a return only when bought from a certified jewellery store.

Offering Customized Jewellery

Usually, reputed and certified jewellers in Perth offer customized jewellery also. Any customer, who does not like any ready-made design in engagement rings or pendants can go for tailor-made jewellery. Such jewellery item will remain unique but proves to be more expensive than ready-made designs. If you are buying customized diamond jewellery, do not forget the time frame and share the same with the craftsmen of the store. The reason is a customer needs to wait for a minimum of 2-3 weeks for buying customized jewellery. Therefore, if there is any time concern, share the same with the store upfront. It is a wise decision to choose such a jewellery store in Perth that offers repair solutions also. This will help in the future when any diamond jewellery breaks down accidentally.

Selling Natural and Lab-grown Diamonds

Jewelleries made from mined diamonds are extremely beautiful and expensive also. Therefore, a handful of diamond jewellers in Perth offer mined-diamond jewelleries. Most stores deal with jewelleries made from lab-made diamonds. Even the lab-grown diamonds depict the same durability and beauty as mined diamonds, but they are approximately 30% cheaper than natural or mined diamonds.

Keeping Stock of Designer Brands

Some jewellery stores keep the stock of domestic brands whereas some stock only international brands of diamond and jewelleries. So, as per your preferences, you can shortlist the jewellery store. If there is no budget constraint, you can think about purchasing international brands of diamond jewellery, which have exclusive designs.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Last but not the least, read or enquire about the refund and exchange policy of the jewellery store before purchasing anything. This will help you in making a sound buying decision.

So, keep all these simple points in mind while choosing any diamond jewellers in Perth. Save your time by taking referrals from your family members or friends, who have already purchased diamond jewellery from any store in Perth.

When you are buying diamond jewellery, ensure to make a purchase from a certified jeweller only. Besides certification, check their designs, refund and exchange policy and enquire about the kinds of diamonds in which they deal.

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